A Beauty in a bottle: Chanel Lotus Rouge

By Just Ajda - 20.10.16

 Vsake toliko naletim na lak za nohte, ki je na prvi pogled čisto običajen lakec, po nanosu pa zasije in se mi zasidra v srce. Chanelov lepotec Lotus Rouge je že eden izmed takšnih.
 Everyonce in a while I find a nail polish that is just normal nail polish at first glance but after applying it it just steals my heart. Chanel beauty Lotus Rouge is absolutely one of them.


 Že po prvem sloju je zadovoljivo prekriven, z drugim slojem pa dobi tisto globino in sijaj. Brezčasna rdeča kar kriči "jesen" in vsekakor je to lak, ki se bo na mojih nohtih še znašel.
 It is sufficiently opaque in one coat and with the second one it gets the deth and shine. Timeless red just screams "fall" and this is for sure a nail polish I will wear again.

 Nanos? Pravljica. Obstojnost? Odlična. Priporočam, četudi je malo višja cena! Svojega lahko kupiš tukaj---> http://www.salma.si/ 
 Application? Fairytale. Durability? Great. I recommend it, even if the price is a bit higher. You can get yours here---> http://www.beautyspin.com/  (you can choose your country on the bottom of the page)

 Imaš kakšen Chanel lakec? Jaz jih imam nekaj in do zdaj me (še) niso razočarali.
 Do you have any Chanel nail polish? I have a few and (so far) I wasn't dissapointed.

Xoxo, A.

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4 komentarji

  1. I still haven't tried Chanel nail lacquer, but that gorgeous red shade you're wearing certainly is tempting! I love how you paired it with the gorgeous fingerless lace gloves. So sexy!

  2. Loved your picture. Really well taken. Also a great write up about the nail polish. I've never tried Chanel polishes since it's pricy and I don't want to get a dud but you're post has made me want to get this colour. Thank you for the post. :)

  3. Not yet but I love that red polish on your nails! :)




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