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By Just Ajda - 25.3.15

Do you like Korean cosmetics? If you do, I have a great online shopping site to introducte to you, Here's a little something they say about themselves:



We are believing that as long as you 'WISH' to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.
We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics
and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers.

Of course, those amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door."


01/The diversity of products' list
02/The affordable prices and the best quality
03/Assurance of freshness with expiration dates
04/Worldwide and safe delivery
05/Happy gifts in your box
06/Informative contents
07/Safe payment sistem
08/Quick and kind respond within 24hours
09 / Special "wish box" 
10 / Exclusive products
This is what they have to say ;) And my opinion? Well, I've been drooling over some stuff they have for a while now. AND they offer worldwide free shipping. What's not to like? ;)
Here are some stuff that already are on my wishlist:
First, there's make up:
1.) Misqs Creme de Velvet Lip Matte in Iron Lady, Bologna and Bordeaux

Soft like velvet and
Smooth like cashmere! 
Become the center of attention
with one touch of this vivide
Creme de Velvet Lip Matte.

I'm totally in love with the three <3 They look amazing and they are matte. What's not to love? ;)

2.) Rivecove Shine blushe in Shine Pink
Finish your makeup with
long lasting bright glowing blusher ! The mixture of vivid color and glitter particle
produce cute and lively looking cheeks. Long lasting Color.
Lovely Puff Included.
+ Sebum control.
+ Compact Container with Mirror Inside.

Have you seen this super cute packaging? I would want one, even if none of the colours spoke to me, but Shine pink just screams my name ;)
Then, we have skin care:

1.) Ciracle Red Spot Cream(Red Spot Healing Cream):
Fade annoying post acne scars and get an overall more even skin tone.A scar healing cream without irritation.Because I have had a bunch of problems with my skin in the past, I'm always looking for new skin treatments and creams to try. This one sounds just perfect for me!


2.) Skinmiso Pore corset serum
Experience a Miracle in 20 minutes
with SKINMISO’s Pore Corset Serum !

Best way to shrink the size of 
   your pores.
+ Great for people who have large pores.
+ See a difference in just 20 minutes.

I have enormous pores and I would really like to make them smaller.

They also have a bunch of other super interesting stuff, you should check it out ;) There's a lot to choose from, something for everyone.
Do you wish to get anything from wishtrend? Do you have anything to recommend to me? You can click on the here, and you can see for yourself what they have. =)

Thanks for looking!
xoxo, Nyx

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