ABC Challenge: P - P2 Confidential

By Just Ajda - 27.3.15

And we are already at the letter P. And my P stands for P2 Confidential nail polish.
Pa smo že pri črki P. In moj P je za P2 Confidential lak za nohte.

P2 Confidential is a textured polished, and it's a great one ;) It needed two coats for full opacity, the application was easy and it dries super fast. Now to the colour. The base is really dark purple/blue,filled with differend coloured glitters - there's blue, green,pink, gold,...
P2 Confidential je lak s teksturo in to super lak s teksturo ;) Potrebovala sem dva sloja za polno prekrivnost, nanos je bil lahek in posušil se je zelo hitro. Pa še nekaj o barvi... Baza laka je zelo temno vijola/modra in je nabita z raznoraznimi bleščicami - imamo modre, zelene, pink, zlate,...

I love this polish! I want more polishes from this line.
Obožujem ta lak! Želim si, da bi imela več lakov te linije.
xoxo, Nyx
As always, see the other lovely ladies of this challenge ;)
Kot vedno, si oglejte še ostale čudovite dame tega izziva ;)

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8 komentarji

  1. Wow sooo cool nail coolor :D I love blue color :D I follow you on GFC, I would be honored if you follow back

  2. Oh this colour is gorgeous!! I has quite a cool looking texture to it as well xxx

  3. Love that color & texture! Great post.

  4. This color is gorgeous, I don't usually wear textured colors but this one looks like something I would totally wear!

  5. I'm not really a fan of textured polish, but this shade is gorgeous! and your nails look perfect

  6. Krasen lakec! Teksturirani laki so mi zelo všeč, edino feeling, ko podrgnem s prstom čez lak mi ni všeč. Brrr.. :D


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