ABC Challenge: K - Kiko

By Just Ajda - 10.3.15

I've had troubles finding a polish whose name starts with a "K" and then I remembered... Kiko. It was a "duuh" moment. So, today I'm showing you my Kiko collection. I'm a huge fan of their polishes, and I want to get more of them. I especially like their sugar mat polishes, which unfortunatelly are not available anymore.

653 - Wisteria: A sugar mat, pastel lilac. One coater, fast drying and easy to apply. What's not to love ;) It dries matte, and it's awesome!

644 - Sea blue: Another sugar mat, darker blue with silver shimmer. One coat, fast drying and easy to apply. Look how beautiful it is! This one is a bit sparkly, and I'm totally in love <3

452 - Watermelon: Sugar mat, pink with pink and gold microglitter. This time two coats, still superfast drying and easy application. Sparkles make it awesome!

453 - Cherry red: Can you say beautiful? Gorgeous cherry red sugar mat with pinkish microglitters. 1coats and easy application. So beautiful!

645 - Burgundy: Lovely dark red with gold/orange glitter. 1coat, super easy application and fast drying.

255 - Violet Microglitter: Another onecoater. And a gorgeous one at that. Holographic microglitter in a purple base. It's awesome. It's a bit runny, but nothing you can't handle.

433 - Gothic puple: Awesome multichrome! The base is gray, and you can see either green or purple. I love it. Easy two coats ;)

606 - Lilla: I put it over Violet Microglitter. I'm not a big fan of crackle polishes,but my boyfriend loves them. This ones is a pale purple one, easy to handle and it cracks just fine.
Do you like Kiko cosmetics? I have a bunch of their stuff on my wishlist ;)

Also, check the other girls ;)

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