ABC Challenge: B - Beauty women Hidden Treasure

By Just Ajda - 5.2.15

For B I decided to try a polishes from a brand called Beauty women - a brand that a store called "Tedi" carries(similar to a dollar store). I already have a few of their polishes, and I love each and everyone of them. I alway like to check what new they have. AND they have names!

Hidden treasure is exactly what it name tells - a hidden treasure. A beautiful black with gold glitters, fully opaque in only one coat. There are different sizes of glitters, and the final effect is gorgeous!

The only problem I've had with this polish is the brush. It might be I got a bad one, because my other polishes have had normal brushes. This one is wonky and uneven =/

Have you ever heard of this brand? Do you like the polish?
Also, don't forget to see what the other girls did:

xoxo, Nyx

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4 komentarji

  1. Wow I've never seen this brand before but it looks fantastic on your nails. I love black with sparkles :) Btw, its me from Facebook, hi! xx

    1. Hi! Thank you =) I've seen you are from Netherlands, you have Tedi too ;) Check them out, they have amazing polishes(once I even scored a ultichrome!!! )

  2. These swatches look great!
    I love this black nail polish and I think your blog looks just so wonderful as well :)
    I look forward to read your next post :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope I'll improve in time, since I am just starting ;)


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