Review: Essence Love letters eyeshadow palette and Me&my ice cream lip balm

By Just Ajda - 21.1.15


Happy new year! My biggest wish of 2014 came true and I am writing this from my new home!! I am super happy about it, and even though last month was really exhausting, we made it. We cleaned the entire house and even refurnished some of the rooms. It is far from over, but it is already a home <3 AND we managed to have holidays as we wanted(with entire family and friends there). But my nails are a mess from all that cleaning =/
How did you spend your holidays?

I wanted to show you today my first buy of 2015 - both products are from old Essence limited
editions, Love letters was last years "valentines" limited edition, it was available in January and February, and Me&my ice cream is from July 2013.
It's a funny story WHY I bought either of those. I have been looking for that palette from the beginning of October and there were none. But the sales lady told me she was going to Essence event later in October and if she'll see it she'll take it for me. I actually forgot about it, and I haven't seen her until a few days ago. I couldn't believe when she said she remembered about it and put the palette aside for me FROM OCTOBER! I was really surprised, and I have to say she really put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
And I took the lip balm because my lips suck lately. Totally dry and painful, and since I was in a bit of a hurry I took the only lip balm they had that I haven't tried it yet.(Well, now I see I haven't missed much). - If you have any sugestions on which lip balm to try next,
PLEASE let me know. None of the ones I'm using right now is helping, so I'll be forever gratefull for good suggestions.

Now, let's see the pictures ;)

Essence Love letters eyeshadow palette is named 01 Ever thine, eve mine, ever ours. It comes in a plastic design and has 6 eyeshadow. Also one sponge applicator is included.

The eyeshadows are all shimmery and not all that opaque. Since I don't wear very bold make up, this is exactly what I wanted from this palette. The colors:
Shimmer orange pastel

Champagne shimmer

Rose pastel shimmer

Pale blue/grey shimmer

Brown/gold shimmer

Dark grey shimmer

Essence Me&my ice cream lip balm isn't my favourite. Well, actually I don't think I'll ever wear it again. The look of this is lovely pastel pink/green swirl, and the drawing on the packaging is cute, but, well, it smells kind of bad. It kind of smells like plasteline(think play doh), and unfortunatelly I cannot stand it. Luckily I payed only 1€ for this, so it's not such big of a loss ;)

I'm looking forward to all the products I will buy in 2015 ;)

xoxo, Nyx

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