Winter Nail art challenge: Day 1 - Christmas Lights/candles

By Just Ajda - 2.12.14

I've joined Facebook group Winter nail art challenge.  The host is Helena from Lacky corner.
For the first challenge the theme is "Christmas lights/candles".At first I wanted to do Christmas lights, but then I've decided to do flames of candles instead. And here it is:

For the base I used Essence Who am I? from the new trend edition Good girl, bad girl, which I'll tell you more about very soon. And I painted the flames using my acrylic colours. At first I though I won't like it, but now that I look at it, it looks interesting. What do you think?

Also, don't forget to check other participants out!
xoxo, Nyx

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10 komentarji

  1. Wow, this looks both cool and unique :D

  2. Great! I must quote Gelic and say that "unique" it's the right word to say! =)
    By the way, I like your nickname. New follower!

  3. I think they are super pretty and you were the most original with candles instead of lights!


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