My haul from Malta: Flormar, Kiko and Barry M

By Just Ajda - 5.11.14

I've been gone for a while. First, there was school and then I went on a trip to Malta. I loved this little country and its people(who are extremely nice). But, since this is a beauty blog, I have some beauty product from this trip to show you(I bought Flormar and Barry M when I was there, but Kiko product I bought on my way from the airport, in Italy):

From left to right:
Flormar Supershine47, Flormar Icy top IT05, Kiko Laser 433, Kiko Magnetic 704
Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Barry M Bright purple, Barry M Indigo, Barry M Racing green
I also bought one Dazzle dust from Barry M in colour Electric blue and Kiko Restorative hair serum.

I will show you each product(swatches and reviews) by iteself this week. If you have any wishes on what to see first, let me know!

xoxo, Nyx

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