NOTD: S-he stylezone #340

By Just Ajda - 31.7.14

On my nails today is this gorgeous S-he stylezone polish, number 340.(gaaah, why can't all polishes have names???)

I bought it some time ago in DM store, since it was in the distontinued bin and the price was lowered.

I used two coats, and application didn't cause me any problems. I can't say much of its drying time, since I used fast drying topcoat. The brush is nothing special, maybe a little thin.

The colour of this one is amazing, beautiful dark olive green/grey in some lights with golden shimmer. The shimmer is very visible and it makes the colour beautiful. It really shines on your nails!
flash picture
What do you think? Do you have any S-he stylezone polishes? Are there any other worth trying?

Xoxo, Nyx

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