When will you have kids?

By Just Ajda - 1.7.17

We are going to get a little bit personal today. A topic that is getiing on my nerves for quite a while now and I want to discuss it with all of you.
I am 27 years old in a happy, long term relationship. Things are great between us, we have a house and both of us have a job. Great, right? Except for a few years now already people have felt the need to congratulate us for our birthdays, new year, or any other congratulations-worthy event with the words:

"We hope we'll soon hear a cradle."

Right now, there's a hole bunch of my friends with babies on the way - don't get me wrong, I am super happy for them and I adore babies - and it seems everyone thinks they have a right to look at me and comment about me not having a baby yet. 

WHY do people think it's okay to push into somebody's life and ask personal questions about their LIFE decidions and body? It's not only annoying to hear the same thing over and over again, but it is also a bit rude and not to mention disrespectful.

Let me get something straight:
YES, I want a baby (or more, who knows)

But I will have them when I (and my partner) will feel it's a good time and we'll decide we are ready, we want a baby and that's that! It is, in the end, our life and it will, let's be honest, affect the way we are living. Not having a baby when everyone else does isn't a bad thing!

On the other hand, a thing NOBODY ever thinks about - what if a person you so persistently ask about babies all the time CANNOT have babies? And every question, remark or just a comment you make, wounds more deeply than you imagined?

I feel like people nowadays think having babies is an age apropriate thing, which is, in my opinion, not.

To have a baby should be a conscious decision, when BOTH partners are ready, when they have some place to have the baby and most important - WHEN THEY DECIDE TOO - without presure!
Haha =) Have you ever felt that people around you are pressuring into something that is entirely your decision, but they don't seem to get it? Let me know in the comment, so we can discus it further ;)

Thank you if you read my rant this far, I just had to get it out of my system!


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  1. When someone asks you again in the future just give the the link to this post.:D Joke to the side...I totally agree with you. People are so reckless when it comes to questions like this. It's so bizarre when people don't dare to comment about your new hair/makeup/outfit but they go so personal with such issues as having kids. I could go on and on about how wrong this is but let's just say - I feel you and agree with you!��


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