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Travel with me: Brussels


 Brussels has two airports, Brussels Airport and Brussels Charleroi Airport. Brussels Airport is closer to the city, but we travelled to Brussels Charleroi Airport. There is a bus from the airport to the city of Brussels, which drives every half an hour and costs 14€ in one way if you book it online. On the bus it was slightly more expensive, 17€ one way. Book your ticket here. When returning to the airport I recommend you to arrive soon enough to the station, we had a tiny problem since when we arrived the bus we wanted to take was already full and we had to wait for another one. Bus stops at South station and from there you have any connection you want - bus, train and metro. If you prefer to walk it takes around half an hour to get to the main square. There are other options too, but this one is the cheapest.


 Most of the must-sees in Brussels are accessible by foot, actually I recommend walking to most of the attractions, all are in a walking distance and if you plan your walking right there is a lot of really pretty parks to walk in. There are a few attraction that are a bit far from the center of the city, you'd have to travel with metro. One ticket costs 2,10€ and it is valid for one hour. Important, to buy the ticket you need change, the machines don't accept the bills!



One of the Brussel's most known attraction. It is worth seeing from the outside as well as from the inside. There is a permanent exhibiton and a temporary one. I suggest you check which one is temporary HERE.


Next to Atomium lies the village of Mini Europe - miniatures of most known European attractions, with sound effects and everything. It is really great for big and small children. You can get tickets for the Mini Europe and Atomium online, however combined tickets that are cheaper can be bought only at the sight itself. 
(24,50€ combined ticket)


Another one of the main Brussel's attractions. This one is in the city center and easy to find. Few minutes away from the Grand Place, the boy who pisses. Nobody knows exactly why he's there and everybody wants to see him. If you are lucky you'll also see him dressed in some or other costume. We were lucky enough to see this.


The Brussel's main square, a magnificent view and really something to see. I suggest that you wake up a little early since around 8ish or 9ish in the morning there are only few people there and you can really see the beauty of it. 


A must see indeed! There are a lot of chocolate shops around the main square and there is really a lot to see - chocolate in every shape and form. I would also suggest you to try and find one of many chocolate museums ( one of them - Chocolate village is really close to the Basilica of sacred heart ), to get to know a little more about the Belgian chocolate and some tasting.


Really impressive building but what makes it worth the visit is the park in front of the Basilica. It makes for a really nice walk from the metro to the basilica.


I recommend you get to see the outside of the palace, it is really something. And then you can get lost in the streets behind it - if you're lucky you'll find the flee market like we did and the elevator ;) If you're not interested in that the park in front of the palace is really nice too.


Well, this is a must see if you ask me. A great place to learn more about the European Union the easy and fun way with the help of an audio guide.

Another pretty park with a bunch of stuff The museums of Art and History (Cinquantenaire Museum), Aviation, the Army and Military History and Autoworld.


Impressive church near the city center, worth seeing inside and ouside!



Belgian's are really proud of their beers and they have really a lot of them. Be warned, their beers are a lot stronger than what we are used to, so drink carefully!


You can get waffles at practically every corner. There's a bunch of stuff to put on them, from chocolate, fruits, whipped cream, you name it, it's there. I tried waffles with only strawberries and I was not dissapointed. The waffle itself is very sweet and together with strawberries it was very good.
I liked Belgian fries, the secret is they are fried twice and that's why it is a bit more crispy. A must try also.


There is a big shopping street, called Reu Neuve and there you have it all:






and MAC, LUSH, YVES ROCHER and many more which I forgot to take a picture of.  

Have you ever been to Brussels? What would you like to experience the most?

Xoxo, A.

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A Beauty in a bottle: Chanel Lotus Rouge

 Vsake toliko naletim na lak za nohte, ki je na prvi pogled čisto običajen lakec, po nanosu pa zasije in se mi zasidra v srce. Chanelov lepotec Lotus Rouge je že eden izmed takšnih.
 Everyonce in a while I find a nail polish that is just normal nail polish at first glance but after applying it it just steals my heart. Chanel beauty Lotus Rouge is absolutely one of them.

 Že po prvem sloju je zadovoljivo prekriven, z drugim slojem pa dobi tisto globino in sijaj. Brezčasna rdeča kar kriči "jesen" in vsekakor je to lak, ki se bo na mojih nohtih še znašel.
 It is sufficiently opaque in one coat and with the second one it gets the deth and shine. Timeless red just screams "fall" and this is for sure a nail polish I will wear again.

 Nanos? Pravljica. Obstojnost? Odlična. Priporočam, četudi je malo višja cena! Svojega lahko kupiš tukaj---> http://www.salma.si/ 
 Application? Fairytale. Durability? Great. I recommend it, even if the price is a bit higher. You can get yours here---> http://www.beautyspin.com/  (you can choose your country on the bottom of the page)

 Imaš kakšen Chanel lakec? Jaz jih imam nekaj in do zdaj me (še) niso razočarali.
 Do you have any Chanel nail polish? I have a few and (so far) I wasn't dissapointed.

Xoxo, A.

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L'Occitane Garage Sale

 L'Occitane Slovenija v sodelovanju z Niko Veger, z Beautifull Bloga, pripravlja garažno razprodajo. Hm...le kaj to pomeni? Na garažni razprodajo bo moč kupiti prekrasne izdelke iz L'Occitanovih izložb. Vse, ki smo kdaj pogledale njihove izložbe vemo, da so zmeraj naravnost čudovite. In te krasne dodatke bo sedaj moč kupiti po nizkih cenah. Kdaj, kdo, zakaj? V nadaljevanju ;)
 L'Occitane Slovenia is preparing a garage sale in collaboration with Nika Veger, Beautfil blog. Hm... what does that mean? You'll be able to buy all of the gorgeous products from L'Occitane's displays. Everyone that has ever looked in their displays knows that they are always absolutelly stunning. And all of those beautiful props will be on sale. When, who and why? More to follow ;)

 Vse skupaj se bo pričelo 20.10.2016 z dobrodelno otvoritvijo ob 17.00, ves izkupiček tega dne pa bo namenjen centru slepih športnikov "Vidim cilj". Garažna razprodaja bo nato trajalo vse do 29.10.2016, odprta pa bo od 12.00 in 19.00. Naj že takoj povem, da je poiskati to za ne-ljubljančane lahko mala nočna mora, ampak s podrobnim opisom verjamem, da vam bo uspelo ;)
 It'll all start 20.10.2016 with a charity opening at 17.00, all the money of that days' sales will be dedicated to the center of blind atletess "Vidim cilj". Garage sale will last all the way until 29.10.2016 and it'll be open from 12.00 untill 19.00. Let me tell you, for people that are not from Ljubljana finding the place can be a bit of a nightmare, but with a detailed description, I'm sure you'll make it ;)

 Če v navigacijo vnesete naslov Cilenškova ulica 42 vas bo pripeljala kolikor toliko pravilno. Vendar so to bloki pred skladiščem Goya, in namesto da zavijete k blokom, peljite ravno do skladišča - se vidi s ceste in je tudi majhen napis. Verjamem, da bo od tam naprej vse označeno in ne boste imele problemov.
 If you enter the address "Cilenškova 42" into the navigation, it'll bring you somewhat right. But this address are the buildings in front of the Goya warehouse and instead going left you go straight ahead to the warehouse - it is seen from the road and there is a small sign. I believe everything will be marked and you'll have no problems.

 Lepotne blogerke smo imele to čast, da smo si garažno razprodajo ogledale prve in vsaka si je lahko tudi izbrala tri kose. Naj vam že kar takoj povem, da izbira samo treh kosov ni bila lahka za nobeno izmed nas, vse pa že delamo plane, kaj bomo kupile, ko bo razprodaja tudi uradno odprta.
 Beauty bloggers had this honour to see the garale sale first and each of us could choose three pieces. Let me tell you, picking only three was very hard for us and we already have a plan on what to buy when the sale will be oficially open.

Sama sem po dolgih debatah in primerjanju izbrala te tri kose. Zakaj? Ker bodo odlični za fotografije in ker sem že vnaprej vedela, zakaj jih želim uporabiti. V spalnici imam namreč omarico, na kateri je sicer roža, ampak mi nekaj manjka. Zato sem te tri kose s pridom uporabila. Zlate vejice zgolj kot dekoracijo, leseni košarici ter (prekraaasni) kočiji pa sem dodala tudi uporabno vrednost. Tako me zdaj v košarici čakajo nogavičke brez para, ki sem jih imela prej samo nametane na omari, kočija pa je kot ustvarjena za nakit.
 After long consideration I choose this three pieces. Why? Because I knew they'll be perfect for shootings and I've already knew how I want to use them. I have a cabinet in my bedroom, on which I have a plant but otherwise something is missing. And I've used the three pieces wisely. The golden leaves only for decoration, but the wooden basket and (gorgeous) carriage now have also useful purpose. So now I have loose socks waiting for me in the basket and the carriage was made for jewelry.

 In še slikica prej - potem:
 And a before - after picture:

 Sama sem s preureditvijo prostora zelo zadovoljna, komaj pa tudi že čakam začetek garažne razprodaje, saj imam nagledanih še kar nekaj stvari in upam, da mi jih bo uspelo dobiti.
 I am very happy with the new arragement and I can hardly wait the start of the garage sale, since I have a few stuff on my wishlist and I hope I'll manage to get it.

 Se boste udeležile razprodaje? Vesela bom, če mi boste zaupale, kaj ste ali pa si želite kupiti.
 Will you go to the sale? I will be happy if you'll tell me what you or want to buy.

Xoxo, A.

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Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness: DIY Pink Face Mask

 Tudi letos smo se slovenske blogerke v znak podpore boja proti raku dojk odločile, da vse skupaj pripravimo "rožnate objave". Oktober je namreč mesec boja proti raku dojk, ki je najpogostejša oblika raka pri ženskah. Na srečo je tudi stopnja ozdravljivosti visoka, samo odkriti ga je treba dovolj zgodaj. Zato je zelo pomembno samopregledovanje! Kako to storiš, si preberi TUKAJ.
 Once again Slovenian beauty bloggers have decided to collaborate in support of breast cancer awareness and prepare "pink posts". October is brest cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Luckily it is also highly treatable if it is discovered soon enough. That is why self-examination is very important! How you do that read HERE


 Sama sem vam za rožnati oktober pripravila objavo o rožnati maski za obraz iz samo treh sestavin, ki si jo lahko pripravite same, iz sestavin, ki jih imate doma. Potrebujete:

  • MALINE med drugim vsebujejo antioksidante in vitamin C in so odlične v boju proti gubam in staranju kože, hkrati pa pripomorejo k sijoči koži.
  • JOGURT vlaži in izenačuje ten kože.
  • MED pomaga zadrževati vlago v koži, hkrati pa preprečuje bakterije, ki povzročajo akne. 


I've prepared a DIY pink face mask from only three ingredients for pink October. You'll need:

  • RASPBERRIES contain antioxidants and Vitamin C and are great for anti wrinkle and against skin aging and at the same time help with more radiant skin.
  • YOGHURT moisturizes and evens out skin tone
  • HONEY helps with keeping the moisture in the skin and at the same time prevents the germs that causes acne.



 Za začetek z vilico zmučkajte maline. Ko so zadovoljivo zmučkane dodajte med. Če je prekompakten, segrejte žlico in s toplo žlico premešajte, ne segrevat medu! Nato dodajte še jogurt, premešajte, in maska je pripravljena!


 Start with mushing the raspberries with a fork. When you like how much they are mushed, add honey. If it's too sturdy, use a warm spoon to mix it, don't heat the honey! Then add the yoghurt, mix, and the mask is ready!


 Pred nanosom maske temeljito očistite obraz. Zame najlažji nanos je s pomočjo vate, ki jo v masko namočim. Na obrazu pustite 10-15 minut in sperite s mlačno vodo. Nato nego zaključite z dobrim tonikom in vlažilno kremo za obraz.
 Before apllying the mask, clean your face. For me, the easiest way to apply the mask is with the help of face pad. Leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. End it with a good tonic and moisturizing cream.


 Sama sem zelo navdušena nad to masko, sploh, ker je dejansko roza in izgled po nanosu je... zanimiv ;) Dela pa tudi čudeže za mojo kožo in to poletje sem si jo dostikrat pripravljala.
 I really like this face mask, especially since it is actually pink and when you apply it you look... interesting ;) It works miracles for my skin and I've made it a lot of times during the summer.

Vesela bom, če jo boste preizkusile tudi ve, svoje mnenje o njej pa delile z mano!
I'll be happy, you'll try it too and share your opinion with me!

Xoxo, A.

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