četrtek, 06. november 2014

Swatch: Flormar Supershine #47


Flormar Supershine nail polish in shade #47is a beautiful blue metallic nail polish. It is opaque in two coats, application is really easy, it dries very fast. The brush is a standard brush, on the thin side. Bottle contains 10ml of polish.

What do you think? Are there any other Flormar polishes worth checking out?

xoxo, Nyx

sreda, 05. november 2014

My haul from Malta: Flormar, Kiko and Barry M

I've been gone for a while. First, there was school and then I went on a trip to Malta. I loved this little country and its people(who are extremely nice). But, since this is a beauty blog, I have some beauty product from this trip to show you(I bought Flormar and Barry M when I was there, but Kiko product I bought on my way from the airport, in Italy):
From left to right:
Flormar Supershine47, Flormar Icy top IT05, Kiko Laser 433, Kiko Magnetic 704
Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Barry M Bright purple, Barry M Indigo, Barry M Racing green
I also bought one Dazzle dust from Barry M in colour Electric blue and Kiko Restorative hair serum.

I will show you each product(swatches and reviews) by iteself this week. If you have any wishes on what to see first, let me know!

xoxo, Nyx