torek, 02. december 2014

Winter Nail art challenge: Day 1 - Christmas Lights/candles

I've joined Facebook group Winter nail art challenge.  The host is Helena from Lacky corner.
For the first challenge the theme is "Christmas lights/candles".At first I wanted to do Christmas lights, but then I've decided to do flames of candles instead. And here it is:

For the base I used Essence Who am I? from the new trend edition Good girl, bad girl, which I'll tell you more about very soon. And I painted the flames using my acrylic colours. At first I though I won't like it, but now that I look at it, it looks interesting. What do you think?

Also, don't forget to check other participants out!
xoxo, Nyx

ponedeljek, 01. december 2014

New In November 2014: Essence, Oriflame, Garnier,...

This is what I've hauled troughout November and what you'll be seeing on my blog in December. If you see anything you'd like to see first, let me know =)

Essence Aquatix LE: 03 Aquatix baby, 04 Under the sea, 06 Underwater love
Essence Nail art sparkle sand top coat
Essence Rock out! LE: 01 Biggest fan
Essence Yes we pop! LE: 01 Bubble gum
Essence Come to town LE: 01 The most wonderful tree
Essence Colour&go 199 Wild white ways
Essence Hello autumn LE: 01 Beauti-fall red
Essence Good girl, bad girl LE: 01 Hello sweetheart, 02 Good girls wear peach, 03 Who am I?, 04 Caught in the middle, 05 It wasn't me!, 06 Once I was an angel

Oriflame BB cream in Fair
Essence Stays on no atter what eyepencil&shadow: 04 Gorgeous grey, 03 Twinkling turqouise
Essence Road trip LE mini sheer lipstick 01 Hit the road, red!
Maybelline Baby lips in Mint fresh
MaxFactor 2000Calorie dramatic volume mascara

Bruno Banani Basic for women EdT Natural Spray

Green line Clear Active Micellar water
Essence Road trip deo wipes
Balea Fresh lime Roll-on
Garnier Pure Active Fruit energy Purifying gel energizing

xoxo, Nyx

četrtek, 06. november 2014

Swatch: Flormar Supershine #47


Flormar Supershine nail polish in shade #47is a beautiful blue metallic nail polish. It is opaque in two coats, application is really easy, it dries very fast. The brush is a standard brush, on the thin side. Bottle contains 10ml of polish.

What do you think? Are there any other Flormar polishes worth checking out?

xoxo, Nyx

sreda, 05. november 2014

My haul from Malta: Flormar, Kiko and Barry M

I've been gone for a while. First, there was school and then I went on a trip to Malta. I loved this little country and its people(who are extremely nice). But, since this is a beauty blog, I have some beauty product from this trip to show you(I bought Flormar and Barry M when I was there, but Kiko product I bought on my way from the airport, in Italy):
From left to right:
Flormar Supershine47, Flormar Icy top IT05, Kiko Laser 433, Kiko Magnetic 704
Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Barry M Bright purple, Barry M Indigo, Barry M Racing green
I also bought one Dazzle dust from Barry M in colour Electric blue and Kiko Restorative hair serum.

I will show you each product(swatches and reviews) by iteself this week. If you have any wishes on what to see first, let me know!

xoxo, Nyx

četrtek, 07. avgust 2014

Bygone: Catrice Lilactric

Each year twice both Essence and Catrice discontinue some of their products in order to make room for the new ones. In this series I'll show you the stuff that they are currently discontinuing.

The first polish is from Catrice. Lilactric is a beautiful polish! Pale lilac, almost white, whit AMAZING gold shimmer, that makes this polish really special.

Unfortunatelly this polish is a bit sheer. It needs three coats to be fully opaque, but it is totally worth it! I mean, look at this beauty.

I don't have any polish even remotelly similar to this one, so if you know of one, do let me know! I really like it! 

What do you think about it? Do you have it/will you get it now that you know soon it won't be available?

xoxo, Nyx

sreda, 06. avgust 2014

Blogger Bragger Summer Nail Challenge - Week 1 - Ombre/Gradient

I've recently joined a Blogger Bragger Summer Nail Challenge, hosted by Lisa at My stunning nails. The theme for first week is ombre/gradient.(I am a little late for the first entry, but I promise, I'll all of the others on time)
 And I decided to do my first ever ombre manicure.
I've used five polishes for the base colours, and topped them all with Essence Prince charming from Snow white LE. The five polishes I used are:

Essence Not just cute (Cute as hell LE), Catrice Sweets for my sweets, Essence  Voyage, voyage(Girls on tour LE), Essence Let me in pink(You rock LE), Essence Groupie at heart(Beauty beats TE).

I have to say, I love this look, and for sure I will be doing some other ombre mani in the future, with different colour combination.
Have you ever tryed this kind of manicure? Do you have any colour suggestions for me?

xoxo, Nyx

torek, 05. avgust 2014

Comparisson: Maybelline Clearly spotted, Essence Black dress and white tie and L'oreal Confettis

Today I'm going to show you a comparisson between the three black&white glitter polishes that are available here in drugstores. Those three are Maybelline Colorama Polka dot Clearly spotted, Essence Special effect topper Black dress&white tie and L'oreal Confettis.
The first thing, price:
Clearly spotted costs 2,50€ and contains 7ml of product
Black dress&white tie is 8ml and it costs aroun 2€, which makes it a winner in this category
Conffettis comes in 5ml bottle and costs 4-5€, which makes it the most expensive one

Next, brushes:

CS has a normal looking brush, not wide nor thin, somewhere in the middle, nothing special, easy to work with


BD&WT has the same looking brush as CS


C's brush is a bit wider and unfortunatelly mine is all crooked up =/ It's still ok to work with, but it is not perfect

And now, what everyone really wants to know, the colour/application/pictures,...
I have put one coat of each nail polish, so you can see how they are with one coat. I have CS on my index and little finger, C on my middle finger and BD&WT on my ring finger.

Application was very similar with all three. I didn't have to fish for the glitters, there were enough on the brush, so no problems there. Also, all three went great on the nail, no picking up the glitters. They dry around the same time, quickly.

The colour: CS and C are very similar if not the same. Both have black&white glitters different sizes in clear base. Smaller glitters are round and larger are hexagons. BD&WT is different tho. It addition to everything mentioned above, you also have silver glitter in the base, very small and delicate. And the glitters are bigger


I personally don't think you need all three, unless you really love this kind of glitters(like me). Otherwise, I'd go with Maybelline Clearly spotted, since this one and L'oreal Confettis are practicly the same, and it is bigger and cheaper, and you can always put a layer of silver glitters over it to get the Essence look.

What do you think? Are all three necessary? Which one would you choose?

xoxo, Nyx

petek, 01. avgust 2014

LE series: Essence Road trip nail polishes

Some time ago I saw the display for Essence Road trip limited edition and here's what I took:

Here's what Essence says about this TE:

Essence is packing its bags to spread the fun feeling of the legendary Route 66. Every girl is sure to love the practical duo and mini products that are coming along for the ride. In addition to cool duo pieces like eyeshadow & eyeliner and blush & highlighter, the highlight products include the allround balm and dry shampoo – absolutely essential beauty tools when you’re on the go. This summery trend edition is perfectly complemented by the travel bag, which offers lots of room for anything you might need on your beauty journey. 

There are four polishes in this LE, each has a different finish. You have leather effect, asphalt effect, gasoline effect and thermo effect.

And what Essence says about nail polishes:
Four different colors are ready to hit the road with four different effects: leather, asphalt, gasoline and thermo! For unique street styles!

I bought three polishes of the four, asphalt effect, gasoline effect and thermo effect.
THE BRUSH of these
THE APPLICATION/FORMULA is different on each polishes. I had the least problems with asphalt effect(2 coats, easy app, normal drying time), and the ost with thermo effect(awful application, streaky, 3coats). Gasoline effect was somewhere inbetween(a little streaky, 2 coats)

essence-road-trip-on-the-road-again02 On the road again

THE COLOUR of this one is to die for! An off-white base with gold/bronze glitters different sizes that dry gritty.



essence-road-trip-i-dont-care-i-love-it03 I Dont Care! I Love It

THE COLOUR of this one is another stunner. Duochrome effect, teal with blue/purple shifting. I guess it isn't all that unique, but it is pretty anyway.


underwater picture

04 My Sweet Escape

THE COLOUR of this one is... not my cup of tea. In normal(hotter) temperature is this weird orange/nude/peachy colour, that I really don't like. When cold it turns into light brown, but the difference is very subtle, as you can see on the photos. All in all, I really don't like it.



This limited edition is okay. I'd prefer different thermo effect, but otherwise the idea is great. And I love one of the polishes(On the road again). I really like the idea of limited editions with different finishes.

Each POLISH IS 5ml/ 0.16 fl. oz
xoxo, Nyx

četrtek, 31. julij 2014

NOTD: S-he stylezone #340

On my nails today is this gorgeous S-he stylezone polish, number 340.(gaaah, why can't all polishes have names???)
I bought it some time ago in DM store, since it was in the distontinued bin and the price was lowered.

I used two coats, and application didn't cause me any problems. I can't say much of its drying time, since I used fast drying topcoat. The brush is nothing special, maybe a little thin.

The colour of this one is amazing, beautiful dark olive green/grey in some lights with golden shimmer. The shimmer is very visible and it makes the colour beautiful. It really shines on your nails!
flash picture
What do you think? Do you have any S-he stylezone polishes? Are there any other worth trying?

Xoxo, Nyx

sreda, 30. julij 2014

Yes love nail polishes

I came across this brand a while ago, and since they had really interesting colours, I decided to try a few myself. And I was not disappointed, in fact, I am planning to get at least a few more. For today I got four polishes:
G9-4(neon yellow), T28(neon pink), G11-4(pink with neon glitter) and 405(green glitters)

First, let me tell you how very disappointed I am, that they don't have names. Such beautiful polishes, and NO NAMES. That's a shame I tell you. But so far this is the only disappointment I have with them.

THE BRUSH on all four is great. A bit on the wider and bushier side, but nothing too big to handle.
THE APPLICATION/FORMULA all four was great, I didn't have any problems. All dried super-extra-fast(I mean it, a minute or so and they were dry), and I applied three coats of polish with each of them. 



THE COLOUR is awesome! Neon yellow, opaque in three coats(yep, I know you can somewhat see my nail in line the pictures, but not IRL). You can see how shiny and in-your-face it is, I lovelovelove it!




THE COLOUR of this one is also great. Neon pink creme, that dries semi matte. You can see how clearly it is different in the bottle and on the nail, but I don't mind it, since it is awesome on the nail.



THE COLOUR is the colour I was most interested about. It says it "neon glitter" on the lid, and I hoped it'd look like that. And it did! I can see myself wearing this a lot. Lovely pink with different shapes and sizes glitters. In neon orange, yellow, green, purple,...You can see small circles and larger hexagon glitters. And I am really happy, because I didn't need to fish out the glitters, there are enough to get easy application. The only problem I had with this is, you have to make it ok with first time, if you try to correct something while the polish is still dry, you'll have a bit of problems, because you'll pick the glitters back up. But I still think it's a great polish!




THE COLOUR of this one is green. Small green glitters in somewhat green base. I can tell this polish was meant for layering. I kind of like it. I am not super-crazy about it, but I have to admit it is nice. I haven't really tried it over any polish, I only tried it on its own, so maybe I'll fell in love when layering. Do you have any suggestions over what should I layer it?



What do you think about this polishes? Have you ever heard of this brand or tried any of the polishes? Are there any others I really need to try?

xoxo, Nyx